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Q. Can you work on any vehicle?

A. Yes, we can again access and recode keys and locks for any make of vehicle – truck, van, car or motorcycle.

Q. I have locked my keys in my car, can you open it without any damage?

A. Yes, we can! If you have accidentally locked your keys in your car or van, this is not a problem. Our auto locksmiths can retrieve keys locked in your vehicle, with no damage whatsoever. This is a specialist job only performed by our skilled auto locksmiths.

Q. I need a spare key, can you help?

A. We can provide you with a spare key or a spare remote key fob programmed to your car. Our road side assistant team can visit you at home or work. We are on average 50% cheaper than the main dealer.

Q. Can you programme more than one key for my vehicle?

A. Yes, we can code as many keys as needed for your vehicle.

Q. Do I need a replacement car key cutting?

A. With the increasingly complex electronics that are in today’s vehicles it’s no longer just a case of cutting keys, but chips have to be programmed to ensure that the motor vehicle works. Our auto locksmiths have the necessary equipment to provide a replacement set for your standard car key to a motorbike, van and truck keys and are often far the cheapest way of a getting spare set cut.

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